How to help your joints without taking medications

How to help your joints without taking medications

Joint pain is common not only among elderly people improper lifestyle, no exercising or excessive workloads can little by little destroy joints of young people too. The biggest challenge for damaged joints is cold and humidity. Cold weather makes blood vessels to shrink, this way less blood is brought to legs and arms. Then people start feeling pain or leg swelling. People who have problems with joints should always dress warm clothes when going out because joints are very sensitive to temperature changes.

However, these are not the only enemies of joints. Big problems can happen because of obesity and lack of exercising. Big weight loads joints and causes constant pain. Then a person becomes even less active and makes weight problem even bigger. So you should help your joints by being active instead of laying in bed.

Essential part of good joints work is synovial fluid which lubricates and nourishes cartilage. If you don’t move, this fluid is not produced and your joints stiff.

The cartilage becomes stronger when you are moving and this way it is more difficult to damage it.

There are muscles and ligaments located around the joint. If they are weak, it is easier to damage joint. Working out strengthens muscles and ligaments creating a stronger protection around the joint

Stronger joint is able to seal with bigger work load so you will feel less pain.

When working out, you are producing hormones of happiness which in fact relieve the pain.


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