How to help your sun affected skin?

How to help your sun affected skin?

Signs that show that your skin is affected by sun rays are wrinkles, brown spots, imbalances and roughness of the skin. Too much UV rays can even lead to skin cancer. Therefore, sun affected skin needs special care in order to avoid any negative consequences.

First of all, you should always keep your skin clean. For every day skin care you should choose mild cleanser and use a scrub at least once a week. It will help to remove all dead skin cells. It is also important to remember to use some protective lotion if you spend more time in the sun. Sunscreen reduces the risk of developing skin cancer. You should also drink lots of water in order to moisturize your skin form the inside.

If you noticed some brown spots on your skin, you should apple special products on them. If you notice more serious damages and especially if they do not disappear for some time, you are advised to talk to dermatologist who would advise special treatment.

In order to have a beautiful and healthy skin, make sure to get enough of vitamin E and C as well as selenium. Don’t forget to check if your skin moisturizer contains these vitamins.



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