How to improve your nails?

How to improve your nails?

How to treat your nails? In order to have beautiful and healthy nails, you should start with appropriate nutrition. These vitamins are the most important ones:

– Vitamin A helps for the nails to grow. This vitamin can be found in liver, oil, vegetables, carrots and tomatoes;
– Vitamin B helps to absorb proteins and accelerates the growth. This vitamin is in wheat, egg yolk, cabbage;
– Iodine helps for the nail growth as well. It’s in spinach and seaweed;
– Calcium, which is necessary for the strength of the nail, can be found in dairy products;
– Iron is important for the structure and shape of the nail. Buckwheat and meat are the main sources of iron;

When healthy diet and good well-being don’t help and you still have weak nails, it can be indicated that the cause of the problem lies somewhere else. In this case, you will have to take treatment. To forget this problem and get beautiful nails, all it takes is your desire and your nails will become beautiful again. Here are some possible treatments:

Paraffin – not only it will warm your hands in winter, but it will also help to get rid of the cuticles and will strengthen nails. In order to get the best result, it is advisable to soak you hands in paraffin baths once a month.

Massage – hand massage with nourishing cream is very useful for both seasons, winter and summer. How it works  for mail? Massage activates blood circulation processes and nourishes the skin of hands and nails. Nails are good absorbents, so there should be no problem with absorbing the cream and all its elements or vitamins.

Nail oil and nail polish – technologies have truly advanced today, so many distributors offer special treatments for nail problems, you just have to choose. The best result you will get after using those measures that are enriched with herbal extracts and vitamins. These measures can also hydrate or cure the nail.

Shock therapy – consisting from massage and paraffin bath, this therapy is really useful for hands, nails and skin.


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