How to keep your feet healthy?

How to keep your feet healthy?

You should know that during a summer our feet need more care than during the cold season. In order to forget about the discomfort in the evening, you should start a day with choosing the appropriate footwear which is comfortable and natural. Additionally, we have also prepared you some more tricks that will help you to avoid the pain and recover for your suffering legs.

If you was made to walk all day long, now you feel very tired feet. To help them, soak them firstly in hot, then in cold water. You can also add some pinches of salt or baking soda into the water. Other way to revive your tired feet is to soak them in the ice bath. Just freeze some glasses of green tea and put its ice cubes into the bath filled with water in evening. Do this as soon as you return home after a busy day! Initially, this procedure won’t look very nice for you, but after a few minutes you should feel the blessings – not only your feet will be recovered – the same you will feel about your whole body. In addition, the bath filled with ice has been researched to improve the immune system, so if you regularly soak your feet in it, you should avoid cold or flu.


Sit on a chair or mat, bind one leg and put it on the other. Additionally, apply your feet with a special feet cream and massage with circular motions. You should massage your feet from thumb to finger and ankle.

Keeping your feet healthy
During a time of summer, try to walk without shoes on the grass as often as possible – it will help to keep your feet skin young and strong. Besides, it also rejuvenates the whole body and improves its functioning. Wash your feet every evening with soap and water and then dry them with a help of rough towel. Don’t forget a special cream for the feet – this will prevent your feet from sweating and dryness.


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