How to love yourself?

How to love yourself?

We do not have to be always completely satisfied with our appearance because weight changes every week. However, we must learn how to love our shapes as they are and forget about focusing only on weight.

Here are five tips that should help you to develop a positive body image.

1. Stop criticizing yourself. If you constantly criticize your body or tell the jokes that are always related to appearance, then please stop. Each time you feel that you are going to say something negative about your shapes, imagine a stop sign or a similar picture.

2. Behave as you are the most beautiful in the world. Imagine that one day you wake up with a perfect figure. How would you feel about that? We can bet, you would definitely share your smile with all people around, even the strangers, and would have more courage to suggest a new idea to your boss. Do as you feel and then pay attention to responses you receive from the surrounding people. You will definitely notice the difference.

3. Choose one thing. Try make one healthy thing every day and soon you will see pleasant changes. Go for a short walk, change your eating habits to little healthier ones, exercise more and feel your improved well-being.

4. Do not be afraid of changes. Passing years and survived events, like illness or childbirth, leave marks in our body. Many of us don’t think the way we have thought when we were 25 years old, so why we should look like 25? You should set the goal to be healthy and happy as much as possible instead of dreaming about youthful looks.

5. Look for inspiring examples. Every woman needs support and inspiring examples, so look around and find one you could admire. This may be the famous actress, granny in your neighborhood op any other woman that inspires you with her style or a great sense of humor.


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