How to lower your desire for chocolate?

How to lower your desire for chocolate?

Scientists have revealed that moderate physical activity helps to reduce the amount of chocolate consumption by 50 percent. This rule should be applied even by those people who have to cope with the stressful situations and try to get rid of unpleasant emotions with a help of chocolate.

According to Professor Adrian Taylor from Exeter University, when working in a stressful situation people sometimes start eating foods that are high in calories, such as chocolate, without thinking that they are doing so. It becomes a habit which, over the time, may lead those people to the overweight problem. In addition, most of those people think that such snacks provide the strength and help them to cope with stress or boredom. However, this is wrong. To combat with this habit, you should try taking a break and going for a walk.

This has been confirmed by experiment: 78 people who regularly eat chocolate when working, have been given a number of tasks. Those who have taken a short walk before doing them, ate 15 grams of chocolate less on average than those who haven’t. In addition, the participants who haven’t had any physical activity in the experiment have ate nearly twice snacks – each of them ate about 28 grams of snacks on average. It must be mentioned that the complexity of the tasks had no difference in the quantity of chocolate they have consumed.

Previously, Taylor and his colleagues have revealed that irresistible desire for chocolate can be effectively reduced by strength training. It has been also found that physical activity has a positive effect on one’s mood and energy levels, which helps deal with addictions and diseases such as depression.


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