How to maintain desired weight?

How to maintain desired weight?

Nowadays you can find tons of advises on how to lose weight. However, sometimes the most difficult task is not to lose weight but to maintain desired one.

As we know, most often the culprit of obesity is unbalanced diet. The biggest enemy for your weight is quick snacks that we eat over the day. If every -time you watch TV, you get some sweets, there is no surprise that soon you will gain some extra kilos.

There is no secret that usually we eat something not because we are hungry but because our eyes want it. Even though you don’t want to eat, you get an extra bit of your favorite food. If this repeats, maintaining the weight becomes mission impossible. If you are not hungry when you eat, you simply get unnecessary calories and this leads to gaining weight.

If oyu want to maintain a good weight, first of all you have to eat only when you are hungry. If you don’t have time to sit down and eat slowly, always have a bottle of water so you can have a sip every time you have a temptation to eat something. Drink it until you have a chance to eat normally.

Also you can drink black and green tea with lemon or just a some fresh juice. Before eating, have a glass of water, your stomach will not be empty and and you will eat less food.



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