How to make your coffee healthier?

How to make your coffee healthier?

Disputes if it’s healthy to drink coffee are still ongoing. But even the biggest opponents of coffee cannot disagree that 2 cups of coffee per day are not that harmful. And yet, maybe there are way to make these 2 cups of coffee healthier?

Try coffee with soy milk. According to experts, cow’s milk can cause allergic reactions, especially for adults. In addition, fat milk has quite many calories. Meanwhile, soy milk is much healthier source of protein and calcium. It’s also beneficial for your heart. Some researchers say that soy milk accelerates fat-burning process which is important for those who want to lose some weight.

Sprinkle some cinnamon of top of your coffee. According to recent researches, cinnamon protects against type 2 diabetes as it regulates the amount of insulin in your body. Just half a teaspoon of this spice a day significantly reduces sugar levels in blood.

Drink a glass of water after or before you have coffee. As you know, coffee helps to remove excess fluid from your body. Unfortunately, often we lack fluid in our bodies. In order to restore the balance of fluids, don’t forget to drink a glass of water with your coffee.

Coffee with honey? Honey perfectly replaces sugar not only in tea but in coffee too. It will also supply your body with important trace elements. Make sure to put honey to your coffee when it’s not very hot as high-temperature kills some important elements in honey.



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