How to really get rid of acne?

How to really get rid of acne?

Up to 20 percent of people suffer from chronic facial acne and in order to get rid of it, try and use various products. However, beauty experts warn that popular and pricey products used for getting rid of
acne can be ineffective. Most of the reasons why acne appears are widely known: it is believed that such factors as heredity, diet, exposure of the sun and hygiene initiate its appearance. However, there is lack of evidence that popular products that are pricey, mostly suggested by doctors, will give any result.

Although the most of the products are quite expensive, experts have carried out a clinical review stating that there is too little data showing which tool is the most effective and if expensive ones are better than traditional measures. After asking them to support the research, it has been highlighted that most of the products that are expected to help in a fight against acne may develop resistance to antibiotics, so it is recommended choosing only those measures that have no antibiotics inside. Besides, epidemiology professors also say that nearly half of all the products that are said to fight against acne have serious flaws and need to be improved.

According to the latest research is said that the cause of acne may be nutrition: people living in Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, don’t suffer from these skin problems. So, the most important thing is to eat and
drink properly. You should start with drinking plenty of water to cleanse the body and flush out all harmful toxins. Additionally, take vitamins A, B6 and B3 as well as zinc or eat healthy foods rich in
them. Finally, you should try to avoid caffeine and chocolate as much as possible.


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