How to start exercising?

How to start exercising?

We all know that sport is the easiest way to a healthy living. However, time deficiency or a simple boredom discourages us from the sport. If you are still waiting and not attending any sport class, learn how to exercise and make the sport permanent part of your life. If you already exercise, find some motivating tips to stay on track.

When trying tomake your life more active and know which way of exercise is best for you, you should talk to your doctor. It’s especially important if you haven‘t done much exercise earlier, had health problems, are pregnant or if you are older. Surely, if you haven‘t exercised for years, you can‘t run in the marathon after only two weeks of the training. Start with an easy 10-minute daily workout or start walking daily and gradually increase the exercise duration and complexity of change. Most of the people are advised to exercise 4-6 times a week from 30 to 60 minutes. If you feel tired, remember that even a short workout will help you to feel better than no workout at all.

To start working out, include some exercise in your schedule:
• take the stairs instead of lift;
• go for a walk during your lunch break;
• when going home, walk a part of the way by foot;
• do your household works in quick moves;
• take care of your yard, for example, tidy up the fallen leaves.

When trying to make sport your constant activity, follow these tips:

1. Choose what you love to do. Exercise must fit you physically. For example, if your joints are affected by arthritis, swimming is a right choice for you.
2. Find a partner. Sport is easier together.
3. Avoid routine. When you change your workouts, you don‘t get tired so fast and have less chance of injury. You can choose between modern dance and tenning, walking and riding a bike or even household activity.
4. Choose a convenient time of the day. Don‘t go toyour workout just after eating or when the weather is very hot or cold outside. If you are very stiff in the morning, then chotose fitness.
5. Don‘t be stubborn. It may take weeks or months before you notice the positive effects of exercise.


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