How to stop hair graying?

How to stop hair graying?

Graying hair is, unfortunately, an inevitable and natural process. According to experts, it is caused by different causes: heredity, stress, illness, diet, vitamin deficiency and other ones. However, the main factor of graying hair is a reduced production of melanin which controls hair color and pigmentation levels. Because of the reduced production of melanin, the hair firstly becomes light gray and finally – gray.

The important thing about graying hair is that is can also be attributed to thyroid disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, smoking, anemia and premature menopause. All these diseases damage the melanocytes, which eventually leads to early hair graying.

Here are few natural recipes that can slow down the appearance of gray hair and reduce their quantity.

1. Eat more protein-rich products, such as eggs, meat, soy, grains, cereals.Here are few natural recipes that can slow down the appearance of gray hair and reduce their quantity.

2. Before going to bed, is would also be very useful to rub the hair roots of coconut oil.

3. Mix honey with grated ginger and eat 1 teaspoon of this mixture each day. This is an effective way to reduce hair graying.

4. Rub the hair roots with melted butter twice a week.

5. Avoid the stress. That’s a simple and effective way to avoid hair graying which should definitely be remembered. Some people start graying from the age of 27, while other – at the age of 50. There are many methods to reduce anxiety and stress – meditation, physical and breathing exercises, relaxation.

6. Masks can also be effective for graying hair. Make a mask from yogurt, goat horn powder and henna seeds. Apply this paste on the hair and hold for 3-4 hours. Then wash this mask with your daily shampoo.

7. Try to include foods that are rich in minerals, iron and vitamins A and B into your diet. You should start eating more bananas, tomatoes, yogurt, dried apricots, green vegetables, green beans, liver and sunflower seeds.


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