How to take care of yourself together with aging?

How to take care of yourself together with aging?

When trying to strengthen your immune system, you don’t need to start taking various vitamins. You can try to do it by natural means:

Age: 30

The people of this age live in a constant compete and their speed of life is enormous what often results in replacing their lunch or dinner with synthetic coffee, soft drinks and foods filled with lots of fat and sugar that can be found in the nearest shop. Keep in mind that one serving of sweet fizzy drink reduced immunity by 30 percent because immune system cells simply lose their ability to identify the infection. Other killer of immune system is the alcohol. People who are older than 30 years are often addicted to weekend alcoholism what helps them to relax after a busy work week. Keep in mind that each dose of alcohol reduces the amount of infection-fighting cells.

Age: 40

After a hard day of work, most of us wants to lay on the couch and read his newspaper, book or watch TV. However, if you really want to recharge the batteries of your body, the best way to recover is sleep. According to the doctors, sleep is highly needed for our immune system to function without interference. Even half an hour or an hour extra hour of sleep can increase your immunity.

Age: 45

Problems in work, conflicts with children, “middle age crisis” – all these things lead to constant emotional pressure. Be sure to take short breaks every two- three hours and don’t trick yourself that Internet helps to rest because your brain will be working at the same intensity. Excessive amounts of information – one of the causes of chronic stress.

Age: 50

Eat foods rich in antioxidants. Positive effect on the immunity has zucchini, broccoli, cabbage and many other fruits and vegetables. Besides, drinking coffee and green tea has also been found to have positive effect on humans immunity.


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