If you have a headache…

If you have a headache…

All of us knows what is a headache. Some of us have it more often, some of us less often and there is probably no one who has never experienced that. So how to help yourself?The best remedy is always prevention. If you follow these recommendations you will see that headache can be prevented.

Don’t let your blood sugar level fall. Jumping sugar level is one of the causes of migraine. Eat regularly every four hours. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt and cheese. Avoid too much white bread, sugary drinks and sweets.

Control the intake of caffeine. Caffeine contracts cerebral blood vessels and this can cause migraine. More than 3 cups of coffee per day can bring lots of problems. Replace coffee with other drinks that have no caffeine. We all know that dark chocolate is god for your heart, but remember that it also has caffein so you shouldn’t abuse it.

Raise the level of serotonin. Studies have shown that people who experience migraine often have low level of serotonin (pleasure and good sleep hormone). You can raise it not only with chocolate but also proteins, for example, chicken, turkey, eggs, bananas, rice, etc.

Eat more nuts, beans and ginger. Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and it good for many other important reasons. Don’t forget to include green vegetables, tomatoes, beans, potatoes and oatmeal to your diet.


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