If you lack vitam A and B group vitamins

If you lack vitam A and B group vitamins

In most cases we are missing just one or two vitamins. How to understand what our body is lacking and fix this?

It is likely that you lack vitamin A, provided that:

  • You got spots on your skin;
  • You got a notable decrease in appetite;
  • Sometimes it seems that your vision got worse;
  • You often get cold.

Usually you have to blame your diet for that and the first thing you should do is add a little oils containing products. Vitamin A is hard to be absorbed, and oils (both plant and animal) help to absorb it.

What to do. Include yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, mackerel and other oily fish, butter, milk. You will find lots of vitamin A in carrots, spinach and parsley.

It is likely that you lack B group vitamins, provided that:

  • You suffer from insomnia;
  • You hair become weaker;
  • You have unpleasant mouth smell;
  • You often get headache or feel dizzy;
  • You have dandruff;
  • Your lips crack;
  • You feel depressed;
  • You suffer from constipation.

It is likely that you are missing fiber in your diet. B vitamins are absorbed in the gut it, so if you have any problems there, it reduces the absorption of this vitamin. One of the first signals of the lack of B group vitamins is loss of hair.

What to do. Include more grains to your diet, bread made from wheat flour, vegetables, and nuts. Vitamin B12 can found in beef, pork and milk. Vitamin B3 can be found in poultry meat, marine fish, beans, and wheat germ. More B group vitamins can be found in brewer’s yeast, wheat, sprouted grains, bran and liver. Recommended daily intake: B1 – 1.5 mg., B2 – 1.3 mg., B5 – 4-7 mg., B6 – 1.6 mg., B12 – 2 mg.


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