Influence of fast food on your health

Influence of fast food on your health

Currently fast food has become extremely popular. People are in a rush all the time and they don’t find enough time to prepare home made healthy food. Fast food is even becoming popular at schools even though everybody knows that this kind of food is not proper for children. This leads today’s generation to eat lots of hamburgers and French fries and to forget about the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Fast food may cause short-term and long-term effects on your heath.

Short-term effects

Lack of energy. No matter how much a person would eat of this food, he will still feel tired and will not have enough energy as fast food has no useful ingredients.

Fast food is a reason why people find it difficult to concentrate. When people eat this unhealthy, usually fired food that contains lots of fats, they cannot concentrate to study or work, they feel tired and they have a low blood pressure.

Long-term effects

Heart problems and high level of cholesterol in blood. Fast food is rich in trans-fats, which increases the ‘bad’ cholesterol. The researchers claim that these fats are the most dangerous to develop cardiovascular diseases more than any other food. If you eat fast food regularly you can easily develop heart diseases and hypertension.



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