Is it worth giving vitamins for your child?

Is it worth giving vitamins for your child?

We’ve all heard about the importance of vitamins for human’s body. However, for the growing body they are as important as air. Mothers are sometimes wondering whether their child is getting enough vitamins together with his food and maybe they should give some extra ones. 

Typically, children don’t like eating vegetables that are the great source of vitamins. Certain amounts of vitamins are necessary for every part of the body and its normal functions. They are vitally important: we need them in order to see the world around us, to grow, fight against infections and cancer. Human’s body can’t produce enough quantity vitamins, so we must receive them from the environment together with food.

Only by eating appropriate food (fresh vegetables, fruit, cereal dishes and other) children can receive all necessary vitamins in the healthiest way. Vitamins can be the easiest absorbed from foods because they are accompanied by all necessary materials. One of the biggest challenges is making your child to eat healthy products as it is the most exciting activity.

Doctors have different opinions about food supplements and synthetic vitamin. For one part of medicine experts they seem like salvation, the other are firmly against their use. Although all the children have non-eating periods, most of them should receive the minimum of necessary vitamins from food at least. On the other hand, we live in a century where food is highly processed – even fruits and vegetables on our table are often grown using farming techniques that reduce vitamins’ and minerals’ content. Therefore, children are often offered taking daily vitamin supplements. However, healthy food is much better for our health than any of synthetic substances you can get in pharmacy. 



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