Keep your salads friendly to your figure

Keep your salads friendly to your figure

Salads seem to be the best choice for your lunch or dinner while you are on a diet. However, sometimes they may become too filling and fat because of creamy dressings or such ingredients as bacon. Besides, flavorless salads that don’t include dressing or filling ingredients won’t give you satisfaction as well, so how to make a right choice and turn your salad into filling, creative, and delicious dish? Here are the most important things:

1. Ingredients.

When trying to get the most salad with the least amount of calories, put lots of vegetables. When preparing Greek salad, don’t go with traditional iceberg only but include bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes as well. For pasta, add other vegetables like broccoli. Besides, eating more slowly will help you to fill up in a more relaxed way.

2.  Strong Flavors.

Parmesan and anchovies are almost the best ingredients if you want to add a strong flavor to your salad. To make a sauce from these ingredients keeping in mind that parmesan is seven calories a teaspoon. This salad dressing won’t give you much calories but will definitely grant you with vivid flavor.

3. Low Fat Products.

When trying to get a rich, creamy sauce, you don’t need full fat products. Even when you prepare salads or pasta, such as pasta with asparagus, skim milk is recommended for a sauce. However, while fat from the milk is not helping with this or other recipes, you will also need some cheese to get this creamy taste. As it was mentioned above, parmesan will give you 7 calories a spoon.

4. Secret Nutrients.

To get some crunchiness, put a handful of roasted salted sunflower seeds instead of buttered croutons. Sunflower seeds will give you more nutrition. Besides, you can also use strawberries to get some extra vitamins but if you die for salty and crunchy you should stay with sunflower seeds.


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