Long live breakfast!

Long live breakfast!

Many people don’t even think about breakfast in the morning as they think it’s not important meal of the day. Some are satisfied with a cup of coffee, others try to convince that they don’t have time for

that and instead choose 10 more minutes of sleep. It has been proved long time ago that those who don’t have breakfast:

• Have difficulties in focusing at work or feel dizzy.

• Are more likely to have a car accident if they drive.


• Human body burns more calories during the first part of the day.

• If you don’t have breakfast, your body will save food that it gets during lunch and dinner.

According to statistics, people who eat breakfast every day are significantly more resistant to stress than those who don’t. Good breakfast improves brain functioning for the entire day. Those who

have breakfast, lunch and dinner choose less-calorie meals which means that they don’t gain that much weight.

Nutritionists claim that breakfast help in losing weight. While sleeping, our metabolism slows down and our body “wakes up” only when we eat. So those who think that refusing breakfast will help them to

lose weight are wrong.

What should we eat for breakfast?

Nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of still mineral water or natural juice. This will help to start a process of digesting.

Diary products

A glass of warm milk, some cottage cheese during the first part of the day will provide you with B group vitamins and vitamin A.


A slice of bread with honey or jam is also a good start of the day. Besides, wholegrain bread will help your digestion as well.


The best meal for breakfast is considered to be porridge. Carbohydrates will provide your body with energy. In addition, cereals are rich in fiber, vitamins and trace elements. Not a fan of oatmeal? Replace it with corn flakes with milk.


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