Looking at the photos of delicacies increases appetite

Looking at the photos of delicacies increases appetite

The survey shows that we have only look at the picture of delicious chocolate cake and the areas that are responsible for hunger in our brain will become more active and will stimulate our appetite.

The obvious proof of such a reaction is the brain sets. Researchers have discovered that some people’s brain areas responsible for appetite control and pleasure become more active just like in the cocaine addicts. The study of cocaine addicts has revealed that as soon as the person sees the drug his brain regions associated with pleasure become more active. According to experts, they see similarities between the alcohol, cocaine and delicacies because they activate the same brain areas.

In the study, scientists scanned 13 Latino women suffering from obesity. They were shown the pictures of very appetizingly-looking sweets, like muffins, chocolate cake and cookies with chocolate. According to their brain sets, it was revealed that the more active areas of the brain were associated with reward and hunger. In addition, women were also asked to rate their appetite at the baseline – that revealed that they felt much hungrier and aspiring after seeing those photos

During the second experiment, researchers asked those women to consume a sweet drink containing 200 calories before looking at a series of pictures of something delicious. The funny thing is that lots of sugar and calories containing beverages increased levels of hunger. Apparently, the brain was supported by an ‘aperitif’, which aroused the appetite even more.

How to avoid looking at the photos of delicious food is not clear. You must have heard that Disney Channel television show has already stopped showing food and drink commercials for in order to avoid programming children to eat more than they should.


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