Lose weight for Christmas with a help of ‘discharge day’

Lose weight for Christmas with a help of ‘discharge day’

As the doctors say, so called ‘discharge day’ is a beneficial thing for our body because then it is made to start using accumulated fat reserves and remove hazardous materials. Besides, it’s a very effective way trying to prepare your body before Christmas. Many people think that ‘discharge day’ means a very attentive selection of dishes, but it is not. People can choose fruits or vegetables, mushroom and fish dishes. On such day you won’t need to suffer from hunger – it’s allowed to eat 4-5 servings of 150-250 grams of vegetables a day and if you choose fresh fruit than divide 1.5 kg of them into 4-5 servings.

You should also prepare various porridges that will provide the body with easily digestible fat. Meat soups should be changed by soups made from vegetables and fish. Such soups, especially the creamy ones, will be good refreshment for your stomach, as well as a great prevention from gastritis or ulcers. For a flavoring of food, use only olive oil but not the butter. Scientific studies have shown that those who avoid using oil are more aggressive and affected by stress easier.

On the ‘dischrge day’ do not eat the white bread – change it with the one made from whole grains. Fasting meals should be also flavored by greens such as fresh parsley providing a required daily intake of vitamin C. Do not forget celery as well which has lots of useful essential oils that will help to overcome the fatigue. Dill is rich in vitamins (C, E, PP, B), folic acid, iron, calcium and phosphorus, so it will normalize your digestion system and will make your discharge-day easier.

During a ‘discharge day’, people should also drink natural fruit and vegetable juices, low carbonated mineral water, herbal teas and fruit compote.

Even a few days of such eating plan will have a positive impact on your health. You will notice:

– improved the overall well-being and mood;
– reduced weight;
– return to a normal sleep routine;
– improved digestion.


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