Milk in tea can impede weight loss

Milk in tea can impede weight loss

The researchers have found that tea contains many compounds which break down fat, improves intestinal function and reduce cholesterol. However, tea loses these powers if it is mixed with milk because of milk protein. Recent studies have shown that flavanoids and phenolic acids in tea prevent obesity. Milk weakens these properties.

Scientists are trying to develop new kinds of tea which would have higher levels of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) and which wouldn’t be as easily neutralized by milk. In this way tea wouldn’t lose all its properties even drinking it with milk. Researches have revealed that small doses of regular tea extract reduce fatty acids and cholesterol levels in blood.

It’s important to mention that not only green tea has good qualities. Black tea has lots of good qualities too. However, the problem is that black tea is often drunk with milk which makes it difficult to absorb all good qualities of tea. One more important thing is which kind of milk you drink with tea as different types of milk affect tea differently. Skimmed milk reduces active components much faster that semi skimmed milk. So if you cannot imagine drinking black tea without milk, at least choose the right one.


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