Mistakes that ruin your beauty

Mistakes that ruin your beauty

1. Taking a shower every day.
Washing in a very hot water and using aggressive products, like scrubs, may destroy your skin’s natural protection, cause skin dryness, cracking and even infections. If you want to keep your skin healthy, follow doctors’ recommendation to use only cool water and use a soap only few times a week.

2. 8 hours of sleep.

4-15 minutes’ sleep can give you as much energy as an hour sleep at night. The idea that human should sleep eight hours a night without any break is created by the ‘modern’ man, say the experts. Our dreams are very flexible and fragmentary, so 4-15 minutes’ nap can also provide lots of strength.

3. Rinsing your mouth with special liquids after brushing your teeth.

Mouth-wash liquids rinse fluoride that protects our teeth for several hours and which is in every toothpaste we use, so try to drink nothing for at least half an hour after having your teeth brushed. Though it may look strange sensation in the beginning, soon you will get used to it.

4. Incorrect breathing.

It has been found that when aging people start to breathe incorrect and inhale the air through the chest. Fortunately, our body can be trained to breathe correctly. According to the experts, trying to breathe correctly you should try to swell your abdomen (let us suppose that the belly is like a bubble-ball), but the chest should not move at all. Only in this way your lungs’ capacity is used fully.

5. Taking a rest after the dinner.

People are accustomed to lie on the couch after eating the dinner or even go to sleep for a few hours. Experts warn that that this habit makes the calories got from food unused and easily converts them into fat. Health experts recommend eating bigger portions in the first part of the day and choose lighter foods in the evening to avoid gaining weight unexpectedly.


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