Modern society and eating habbits

Modern society and eating habbits

After various researches nutritionists announce that current eating trends don’t promise any good for humanity’s future. According to them, new technologies that keep the products good for eating for a long-term just “kill” the feeling of hunger, but don’t provide any necessary materials. According to nutritionists, increasing speed of life determines that people no longer have the time to cook at home. In addition, such modern way of life associates with high level of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or just the drop in human’s immunity which results in infectious diseases.

To prolong the shelf life of the food, producers add synthetic additives that, unexpectedly for most of us, age them artificially. Modern packaging techniques, again, allows food to keep longer but automatically decrease its biological value. In addition, as vitamins and minerals are not stable materials, they disappear after such changes made. For example – potatoes, a great source of vitamin C, lose half the vitamin C content after being boiled and have almost no of it after being cooled. So, potatoes that are used for the salad in the supermarkets are worthless.

According to experts, going back to Stone Age times is impossible but we can easily choose the healthy food instead of the artificial one. First of all, pay attention to the labels: if the product contains 6-7 additives, it means that it is not particularly fresh. Of course, you will feel full after eating this food because that your stomach will be filled but your body won’t get any important materials needed for its process. The sad fact is that legislation regulates only the safety of food but says nothing about its biological value. In addition, avoid using microwave oven, because it damages vitamin B12 which is irreplaceable in the production of blood cells. In addition, the microwave effects fat oxidation – they become more harmful to our health.


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