Moisturizing your skin in winter

Moisturizing your skin in winter

It is said that there is no bad weather, but there are improper clothes. The same can be said about the skin care, especially about your face skin care. Our body is covered with clothes, but not our face. It is important that our skin is affected not only by cold in winter but also by sudden temperature changes. When we go out from warm and dry premises, temperature change and reach 10 degrees. Sudden temperature fluctuations make our skin and blood vessels constantly expand and shrink. Over time this causes facial redness. Snow, moisture and cold affect protection of the skin so epidermal cells lose water and lipids and the skin loses viability. It becomes dry and sensitive. That is the biggest issue in winter – our skin gets dry. For this reason we should use a really good moisturizer.

Thick and oily moisturizer is good for those who stay outside for a long time. In a warm area thick moisturizer can clog your pores so your skin will not “breathe”. Look for a moisturizer that has an oil base instead of water base. Such moisturizer creates a protective film on top of your skin and does not allow to lose any moisture from your skin.

Modern cosmetics has such an oil and water mix that does not stiffen in a low temperature, that does not leave visible oil film on your skin and that does not clog your pores. Night cream should be thicker and nourishing and day cream should moisturize your skin well. Make sure to use a moisturizer at leas 30 minutes before going out as it has to sink into the skin.



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