Myths about calories

Myths about calories

Why is it so hard to lose weight? And why for the first month we still see the results but later it stops. In fact, you just need to count calories and everything will be much more simple. It is also good to know some myths about calories to understand this process better.

Myth 1. All calories are the same. This myth claims that in order to lose weight, it is important to get a certain amount of calories and it’s not that important if we get those calories from two kilos of tomatoes or two croissants. In fact that is not true. Calories are different because your body uses different amount of calories to process carbohydrates, proteins or fats. For example, to process 100 kcal of fat, our body uses 5 kcal, while to process the same amount of proteins it takes 30 kcal.

There are also negative calorie products which promote burning calories. One of the best such product is celery. It contains 16-18 calories and our body uses 30 calories to burn it. So you need to use more calories to burn it than you actually get calories from it.

Myth 2. You can only lose weight if you refuse fat. It is only partly true. In order to reduce calories, it is easiest to refuse fat products. However, such diet can have negative impact on your health. Doctors categorically oppose refusing fats completely. Lack of fats lead to formations of stones in your body. Besides, it can cause liver dystrophy. The best way is to choose vegetable oils.



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