Nasal drops: do they help or harm?

Nasal drops: do they help or harm?

Even the healthiest person suffer from cold at least once a year. An what do we usually do in this case? Go to the pharmacy and buy nasal drops without consulting doctor? Bu did you know that this can be harmful?

The cause of rhinitis is harmful microorganisms which can damage nasal mucosa and cause inflammation. This leads to runny nose and it even become difficult to breathe. To overcome these unpleasant symptoms we often use nasal drops and use them without any control. But what consequences this can lead to? If we use nasal drop for a very long time we get into a vicious cycle or, talking in medical terms, we develop chronic hypertrophic or atrophic rhinitis. This happens because nasal drops constrict blood vessels. At first they make it easier for us to breathe because it expands nasal cavity. However, with time it can become chronic inflammation.

In order to make nasal drops beneficial there are a few rules. You should never use them more than one week and only 3 times per day. Children shouldn’t use nasal drops at all. The best way to stop runny nose is to heal cold at its first stage. The symptoms of this stage are itching and dryness of the nose, weakness, malaise, etc. If you feel any of these symptoms take a hot bath, warm up your feet in a hot water with salt and drink some hot tea or hot milk with honey, sleep enough. If you do everything properly at the early stage of cold probably you will not need any nasal drops.



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