National tips to get rid of weight

National tips to get rid of weight

Indonesia: fast.

In a country where the majority of the population professes Islam, fasting is a pretty normal thing. However, one dare not to drink water and not to eat from the dawn to dusk while others think about fast in the reverse way: eat rice and drink water. We are not suggesting you to starve but recommend to think when was that time when you really felt that you are hungry. Our advice? Do not starve but try to reduce your calorie intake by half from time to time.

Brazil: do not forget the beans and rice.
That’s a traditional side dish of almost every Brazilian dish. It turns out that diet based on beans and rice reduces the risk of obesity by 14% and that protein from beans not only help to develop our muscles, but also reduce the desire for sweets.

Poland: cook at home.
Recent polls have revealed that only 5% of Poles are not eating at home (for comparison, 37% of Americans eat not at home). That’s because cooking not only saves your money but also allows you to control what you eat. According to nutrition experts, people who often eat in restaurants, suffer from obesity more often.

Germany: Eat breakfast.
75% of Germans can’t imagine their day without breakfast when they eat cereals, whole wheat bread and porridge. Although nutritionists have been repeating for numerous years that breakfast is essential meal for
a healthy diet, many of us are not listening them. That’s not a good choice because our brains just can’t resist for sweets then.

Netherlands: ride a bike
In Netherlands, there are 18mln. bikes and 16.5 million of people. The average Dutchman manages to do 870 km per year and burns about 550 calories per hour


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