4 healing essential oils

4 healing essential oils

The therapeutic effects of aromatic oils are confirmed by scientists long time ago. Do you want to know what scents can not only invigorate, but also heal? Then this article is just for you!


The healing properties of sage were known even in ancient Greece. At that time, this plant was very common in the Mediterranean region and Asia. It was thought that sage has antiseptic properties and helps with cramps. These hypotheses were finally proven in 2013. Sage drink and smell not only help women with abdominal pains during their periods, but also reduce stress, improve memory and cleanse the body. However, you should never exaggerate. If you abuse, the effect will be the opposite. Sage is not recommended for pregnant women.


The first ones to use peppermint for therapeutic purposes were Ancient Egyptians. The production of aromatic oil had a very high level here. Mint leaves were even found in the pyramids, dating back to 1000 years BC. Today peppermint oil is known to relieve abdominal pain, it helps with digestive tract disorders and reduces inflammation. Peppermint oil also helps to combat stress, and, according to the researchers of Boston University, it improves memory.


Are you constantly experiencing stress? Then you definitely need this fragrance! Essential orange oil along with other oils is often used in massages. It reduces stress and calms nervous and cardiovascular systems. It also helps with headaches. The only drawback of orange essential oil is that it’s a pretty potent allergen, so you must dilute it properly before using.


Do you find it hard to concentrate? Cinnamon will help you! Cinnamon smell improves attention and speeds up your reaction. This fragrance is especially recommended for drivers. Scientists say that all of these features can help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease in future. Cinnamon also kills bacteria and reduces inflammations.


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