Do you want to live longer? Drink 2 cups of tea daily!

Do you want to live longer? Drink 2 cups of tea daily!

Everybody wants to live a long and healthy life. But did you know that one of the simplest ways to improve your health is to have 2 cups of tea daily? The research has showed that elderly people who drink couple cups of tea daily live longer than those who don’t. Tea, or to be more precise, flavonoids that tea contains, cause the effect, which reduces the possibility of developing heart diseases and cancer.

Flavonoids are substances of plant origin, which are also found in chocolate, fruits and coffee. However, tea has the most of them.

Australian physicians have made a research and they have analyzed more than 1,000 women over 75 years of age. Researchers have explored women’s diet, how many cups of tea or coffee during the day they have and how much flavonoids they get daily. The results have showed that mortality was lower among women consuming more tea. According to medical specialists, it is recommended to have 350 mg of flavonoids, which is found in two cups of tea. Previous studies have also shown that flavonoids reduce the likelihood of blood clots and they also strengthen bones, and lower blood pressure.


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