The benefits of cocoa

The benefits of cocoa

There is nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa on a morning … This drink is not only delicious, but also beneficial . What are its best qualities?

  • Cocoa helps combat depression and improve mood .
  • ¬†Cocoa is invigorating . It contains theobromine which activates work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but has no effect on nervous system. That is why cocoa can be used by those people who cannot drink coffee or tea.
  • Good hypertension prevention tool. Cocoa is rich in protein and fatty acids, which help to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It provides the body with useful materials. Cocoa is rich in zinc, iron, fiber and vitamins.
  • It is a great cancer prevention tool. Cocoa protects against the negative effects of the sun and reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Cocoa is a strong antioxidant. It is rich in flavonoids that fight free radicals.

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