The benefits of dried plums

The benefits of dried plums

Dried plums are a very good product for health. They contain higher concentrations of beneficial substances than fresh plums, and that’s not all. Here are the reasons why it’s worth adding more of them to your diet.

  • Dried plums are rich in soluble dietary fiber, which reduces “bad ” cholesterol in the blood , and the also contain insoluble dietary fiber which improves intestinal peristalsis.
  • Dried plums protect tooth enamel from damage, they strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.
  • Dried plums have a relatively strong antibacterial effect.
  • Dried plums increase physical activity and maintain a good body tone.
  • They regulate acid balance in the body.
  • Dried plus rejuvenate and improve the condition of internal organs .
  • They help to treat constipation and purify the body.
  • They refresh the skin.
  • They help to fight anemia and beriberi.

Note: Although dried plums are tasty and have many useful properties, it is very important to remember to eat them in moderation, as just like all the other dried fruits, dried plums have a lot of calories.


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