The benefits of pears you haven’t known about yet

The benefits of pears you haven’t known about yet

Pear is a near relative of apples and quinces. Its skin can be yellow, green, brown, red, and multicolored. Unlike apples, most pear varieties have paper-thin skin, but it is not easy to peel. Although pears have quite a bit of sugar and they are not very rich in nutrients, they have a fairly high amount of fiber (one pear has about 25 percent of daily fiber dose). Fiber has positive effect on the digestive tract and it reduces the risk of developing stomach cancer. Pears also improve cardiovascular system and colon work. Studies have shown that the pears can lower high cholesterol levels. Tasty and healthy and fresh and dried pears.

Here are several other useful properties of pears:

  • Pears strengthen the immune system as they have a lot of antioxidants,vitamin C and copper,which protect the body from free radicals and viruses.
  • Pears prevent
  • Pears help to regain strength. They help to absorb glucose and turn it into energy. If you feel tired, eat a pear and you will quickly regain strength.
  • Pears are useful for pregnant women as they have high amount of folic acid. One pear has about 10-20 mg of folic acid, which is 5 per cent of daily intake.
  • Regular consumption of pear juice helps to regulate bowel activity.
  • Pears are used for therapeutic nutrition for patients with diabetes.

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