The benefits of pomegranate

The benefits of pomegranate

Pomegranate is a great sweet and sour fruit that many people love. One pomegranate usually has 400 to 700 sees that are separated from each other by a thin membrane. A ripe pomegranate is the size of a large orange and its color can vary from red to yellowish-pink. In order for a fruit to ripe there is one important condition – a long and hot summer. However, in winter time pomegranate trees can undergo even -10 degrees.

A peel and root of pomegranate have healing properties, pomegranate tree leaves are used to make teas and fruits are used for food. Pomegranate juice is rich in ascorbic acid, tannins and antioxidants. It is used to treat kidney disorders. It is also used to reduce fever.

Ancient Egyptians used to treat dysentery and fight against intestinal parasites using pomegranates. The Sri Lankan people used to make pomegranate leaves tea to treat eye infections. Pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits that are popular both in the Middle East and ancient Rome. Today it is also wildly used in cooking. Pomegranate is great to have with ice-cream, whipped cream or various salads. Pomegranate juice is used to make sauces for meat. Indians use pomegranate seeds to make seasoning for vegetables.

When you buy pomegranates pay attention to their appearance.  They have to be large, glossy and heavy. If you bought too many of these fruits, you can freeze them.


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