The importance of amino acids and how to get them

The importance of amino acids and how to get them

Amino acids are a substance that you get together with protein. It is needed for the body to function normally and for the brain activity. These acids are also responsible for the transmission of information from one nerve cell to another. A part of the necessary amino acids are produced by your body, but others must be obtained from food. Most of the amino acids can be obtained from soy cheese, leguminous vegetables, and fish or lean meat, like chicken breast.

A recommended daily intake of amino acids is around 15 percent of all the calories you have consumed. If you don’t get amino acids, it will disrupt your metabolism, deteriorate memory, make it difficult to concentrate and keep your attention. The recommended quantities should not be exceeded, because too much amino acids harm kidneys and liver.

Animal origin amino acid are the best to absorb. Also keep in mind that there are much more amino acids in fish and lean meat. Chicken has the most of the amino acids (18-22 percent.), lean meat (19-20 percent.), sheep (16-20 percent.), pork (14.5 percent.). Dairy products also have a high amount of amino acids. Cheese has 25-31 percent, curd 18-20 percent. Soy milk, tofu cheese, leguminous vegetables, like peas and beans are also rich in amino acids. Other vegetables, fruits and berries have a lower content of amino acids.

Do not overdo with amino acids, as their excess can lead to dysfunction of kidney and other organs.


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