The most useful additives for tea

The most useful additives for tea

There are so many kinds of teas we can get in the store. You can get tea with all kinds of fruits, spices and so on. However, why don’t you try buying pure tea and add something by yourself. It can be either black or green tea, or any other that you prefer.

Mint. It will provide a special aroma. Mint also has soothing effect, it helps to fight cold and improves you sleep. You can use both dried and fresh mint leaves.

Ginger. Tea with ginger is especially great in winter time. It improves your metabolism and warms you up. You can cut ginger into cubes or grate it. Make sure you do not exaggerate as your tea may taste too spicy. 5 grams of ginger is just the right amount for 200 ml of tea.

Jasmine. It is a great way to recover power after a long and stressful day at work. Tea with jasmine tones your body the best way.

Hibiscus. They are very useful for people who have low level of hemoglobin. Also, such tea will provide your body iodine.

Berries. Dried berries are an excellent additive to tea. Add a few dried strawberries, blackberries or other berries to your cup of tea and you will have a great smelling tea full of vitamins.

Find some time to experiment with tea. This way you will not only find great drinks but also improve your health. However, never exaggerate with anything. This is the main rule for healthy lifestyle in general.




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