What do you know about phosphorus?

What do you know about phosphorus?

When we hear a word phosphorus, we often associate it with some shining substance, so there is no surprise some people may get scary when they see it in food. However, phosphorus is considered to be one of the essential minerals and phosphoric acid is used in food production for many years.

Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals in our body. Like calcium, it is one of the components that are extremely important for bones and teeth health . In addition , phosphorus is essential , body’s cells functioning and regeneration. Various phosphorus compounds are involved in genetic information and energy transfer processes. Typically, it is used to manufacture a variety of meat products, cheese products  and soft drinks.

It is often thought the same phosphoric acid that is used in industry is also used in food and beverages. Indeed, different concentrations of phosphoric acid is used in many industries. An extremely low concentration of phosphoric acid is used in food industry. It is mainly used for preserved meat products and cheeses.

Our health depends on our eating habits. Human body needs a variety of substance so it is very important to have balanced diet of a variety of products. We should not be afraid of any products if we use them sparingly.


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