Nutrition terms you must know

Nutrition terms you must know

Nutrition news is not always clear and includes some terms that most of us do not really know what they mean. If you want to know what exactly antioxidant or glycemic index means, continue the reading of top nutrition terms:

Antioxidants are essential because they protect human’s cells from free radicals. In order to stabilize them and make them harmless, antioxidants donate electrons and fight oxidation, like lemon protects the apple from turning into brown. There are dozens of other antioxidants, not only lemons: beta-carotene found in carrots, or flavanols found in dark chocolate.

Free Radicals
Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules generated in our bodies every day. They are closely connected to stress or are various pollutants, like smog and cigarette smoke. To get stability by getting electrons, they usually start attacking healthy cells in our body. This process – oxidation – is dangerous because it damages our cells, leads them to premature aging and even heart disease or stroke. We can’t eliminate free radicals, but we can use antioxidants to fight against them.

Glycemic Index
Glycemic index measures how quickly some kind of food raises blood sugar and the higher this index is, the faster blood sugar will rise. Glycemic index is considered as high when it is rated 70 and more, like sugary cereals that reach over 100. Keep in mind that when you eat foods together they interact, like low glycemic food affects the high glycemic food. However, not all high glycemic foods are unhealthy, like some fruits that may be very high.

Phytochemicals are all natural substances because they come from a plant food only. They are related to colors, aromas or flavors, like lycopene in tomatoes and resveratrol in grapes and wine.. They can help to prevent various disease, keep us good-looking and in a good mood. However, they are not vitamins but have antioxidant powers.


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