Our skin needs moisture

Our skin needs moisture

It’s an old fact that we must take care of our skin all year round. Nevertheless, we should also keep in mind that our skin care should fit the season. Once the weather gets cooler and especially when the heating season starts, it is necessary to start using not only rich, but hydrating cream as well.

Daily cleansing and moisturising are the main steps that should be done independently on the time of year. However, in the autumn and winter skin care mostly depends on where you spend most of your time – outdoors or indoors. Quite old principle tells that we should use rich cream in the morning and the moisturising one for a night. However, opposite to summer’s, this principle is right only if the person spends most of his time outdoors. If you go to work by car and you spend all the day in a warm office, your skin will get too oily after such treatment, so apply moisturizer in the morning and nourishing cream in the night just like you do in summer. You shouldn’t forget the moisturizer all year round, especially when the heating season starts, to avoid making your skin dried out. You should also drink more fluids, take vitamins, fatty acids and saturated fatty acids.

Autumn is the time when we should take care of our skin more intensively. It’s a right time to start moisturizing procedures, deal with new wrinkles and pigment spots, so make an appointment with your cosmetologist.

Masks are essential for a facial skin care because they restore dryness and oil balance, improve blood flow and oxygen uptake, strengthen blood vessels, eliminate toxins and pigmentation spots, refresh, brighten, smooth and tighten the skin. When choosing a mask, it is necessary to take into account its type. Masks contain much more active substances, vitamins and minerals so that you can prepare the skin for other procedures. Keep in mind that their ingredients are better tolerated when you firstly remove dead skin cells and also have your face massaged before applying the mask. Regular facial massage improves blood circulation, tightens the skin and slows the aging processes.


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