Outdoor sports you must do this summer

Outdoor sports you must do this summer

With the official start of the summer, we should be prepared to start our favorite activities of the season. In addition, some of them not only let us share a great time with our family or friends, but also lead us to unnoticeable calorie burning. Here are the most powerful activities that will make us move:

Swimming. Water is amazing – it lets us to you cool off and relax no matter how hot the weather is. However, when swimming you can also burn between 300 and 450 calories in an hour! Remember, you are not a champion swimmer, so take your time and enjoy the calorie-burning process. 

Water Skiing. Camping at the lake leads us to filling up with calories because of such unhealthy foods as burgers and beers. However, staying near water can help us to minimize the damage! If you are bored by regular swim, you can burn some (over 300 calories in 30 minutes) with a help of water skiing. Soon you will feel your upper part of the body burning!

Hiking. Though counting your calories burned on a hike is quite a challenge, it has been estimated that a 145 pounds woman after one hour country hike is capable to burn about 400 calories. However, keep in mind that you should pay attention to the incline, the weight of a backpack or other things. If you are in, soon you will see the beautiful scenery of a hike which can be hardly compared the one you see in your gym. It’s so simple and so powerful for your lines!

Golfing. Though it sounds surprisingly, golfing is the most powerful sports for your lines because sometimes we can walk a few miles and more unnoticeably (of course, if you skip the cart and carry your clubs by yourself).  According to some studies, only nine holes of golf will make you will burn about 800 calories.  


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