Phytotheraphy. Healing powers of plants

Phytotheraphy. Healing powers of plants

Phytotherapy (Phyto in Greek means plant) – is the treatment, which applies plants or their products in healing various diseases. Herbal medicine has evolved for over thousands of years and now it has been scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects. For the treatment it’s used only those parts of plants that consume various active substances and certain chemical compounds, such as glycosides, essential oils, vitamins, bitter and other minerals.

Mostly, it is excluded two types of phytotherapy:
* Traditional herbal medicine – traditional medicine;
* Rational herbal medicine, which is based on science and medicine.

These days, people have widely started to rely on herbal remedies when trying to get rid of various diseases. Now it is believed that herbs are as much effective as chemical remedies but their side effects are much smaller. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that not all diseases can be cured by herbs and their overdose can cause various allergic body reactions and other health problems. In order to avoid side effects caused by herbal infusions, tinctures and teas, the best advice would be asking your family doctor or pharmacist what herbs would help you in order to improve your health.

Biologists have detected plenty of herbs that have been proved to help for getting rid of almost all diseases. Of course, we must not expect that herbal infusions will completely cure us but with their help we definitely can reduce pain and speed up healing processes.

Herbal teas are particularly useful for prevention of various diseases – lemon balm, chamomile, or mint teas will strengthen your immune system. The most effective is to start applying phytotherapy methods when disease is at the first stage, so pay attention to useful herbs and take care of your body’s natural protection and immunity enhancement.


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