Plan of December: Lose weight until the New Year

Plan of December: Lose weight until the New Year

When the most beautiful holidays in the year are approaching, we all start thinking about what to wear on these special days. Unfortunately, our plan can be ruined because of a few extra kilograms. So, how to fix this in less than one month?

Balance your diet. At least in December stop eating in fast food restaurants and all other unhealthy food. Replace all soft drinks by green tea and eat salad for lunch instead of something fat. Stop eating sweets and start counting calories. You can only get 1000 calories per day. Stop eating sweet coffee and snacking all the time.

Move more. It is time to start going to work by foot. Forget about elevators and climb the stairs instead. Go for a walk to the park with your kids. Moving will make you burn lots of calories. Besides, it will strengthen your muscles and fight against cellulite.

Work out. Make yourself to start working out. Three or four times per week exercise at least for 30 minutes. Do some exercises with weights, on the mat and with ball. Elliptic trainers are great if you want quick results too. Most importantly, have a strong wish to look better than your friends and relatives. Choose aerobics, fitness or Pilates depending on your preferences.



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