Popular myths about hair care

Popular myths about hair care

Each year manufacturers offer a great number of newly named hair care products that are said to have magical effects on your hair. That’s why many of us can’t resist and have few at least shampoos, conditioners and masks in our bathroom. However, it seems like we are not always choosing the most suitable ones – most of the choices are intuitive ones. So, this time we should reveal a few general myths that will help you not to get lost between the shelves and have a healthy and beautiful hair.

1. Shampoo must be foamy.
Don’t think that the more foam is in your hair the more cleaner your hair will be – foaming effect is created for psychological effect only! Foam is formed of biologically active substances that appear after shampoo’s reaction with oxygen. The result is millions of tiny bubbles. Therefore, we need only a small amount of shampoo (equivalent to 1/4 of your palm size). Of course, do not forget to take into account the length and thickness of your hair.

2. Everyday hair washing can damage the hair.
Frequent hair washing is a safe and healthy ritual, say the chemists. If you have oily hair, you can safely wash them every day, but find only a gentle shampoo with such ingredients as shea butter, silicone, panthenol. If you have dry hair, you should wash your hair every second day. So, no matter what your hair type is – use a mild shampoo which won’t affect the natural protective coat of fat and you will easily keep your hair healthy-looking.

3. Hair gets used to shampoo, so it must be changed with another one constantly.
According to experts, hair is not a live thing, so it can’t get used to anything, so if you like to use this but not that shampoo, there is no need to change it. The scalp responds its reaction, so always pay attention.


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