Porridge is what we need!

Porridge is what we need!

Almost all nutritionists agree that the best meal for breakfast is porridge. All types of grain provide for our body necessary vitamins (especially B group), mineral salts, carbohydrates, and make us feel enough. The porridge is rich in fibers that help to eliminate toxins from our body and regulate the absorption of fats. Though it has been already researched that this nourishing meal is very powerful for our health, scientists have recently found more amazing facts: now they tell that porridge strengthens our heart and prevents the accumulation of body fat. However, just eating the porridge won’t help your health. It must be properly prepared as well.

So, how to prepare the porridge that it would be the most valuable? The traditional way of cooking the grain with milk and then adding some butter is often criticized by nutritionists. They advise soaking them in cold water overnight and eating in the morning without any heat treatment to keep all useful features. However, be aware that this way of preparation is good only for those who have no problems with their digestive tract. The famous dietitian Michel Montinjak says that starchy products are not compatible with milk, so he also advices cooking the grain in water.

According to nutrition experts, if you eat the porridge every day, the portion size should be about 50 grams and if you eat it 2-3 times a week, you should enlarge your portion to 150 – 200 grams. It’s not so important how it was cooked, in milk or water. The only thing which can damage this meal is a large quantity of butter, salt or sugar.

Buckwheat: rich in proteins, iron, B vitamins, rutin, lecithin, and folic acid.

Rice: the source of amino acids needed for a formation of new cells, potassium and lecithin, advised for patients who have ulcers and gastritis.

Oats: full of proteins, B group vitamins.



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