Potato diet

Potato diet

Together with autumn, nutritionists offer trying potato diet – eating only potatoes. According to them, this vegetable is very good at purifying the body, strengthening its cardiovascular system and it is particularly useful for patients suffering from hypertension and anemia. Keep in mind that it is advisable to eat only potatoes for five days but no longer.

Potatoes, after getting inside digestive tract, soak the toxins and fat, so they definitely clear the body. These vegetables are rich in potassium (it is also known that potato diet is also called potassium diet), magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and about 20 trace elements that are necessary for the body. In addition, potatoes are rich in proteins, amino acids, cellulose, vitamins (vitamin C especially). Yellow potatoes have more vitamins and will provide carbohydrates giving the energy for physical and mental work. If you have problems with digestion, potatoes are easier absorbed than other plants, so there should be no problem.


Eat only boiled or baked with their skins potatoes throughout the day. There should be used no fat, salt or spice. You can only eat cucumbers with some chopped garlic on the side (these should also be without salt). You can eat half a pound of potatoes during the day. Besides, try to drink as less liquids as possible: minimize your liquids to 2-3 cups of green tea, herbal tea or mineral water. The biggest issue of
following potatoe diet is the same flavorless food you must to eat. However, there is no hunger felt.

Potatoes and sour milk diet

Eat boiled or baked potatoes and drink some sour milk five or six times a day (don’t use too much sour milk!). Don’t put any salt into your potatoes and eat them for three – five days.


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