Potatoes are good for the ones on diet

Potatoes are good for the ones on diet

Until recently, nutritionists and anyone who respect the principles of healthy eating advised to avoid eating potatoes. Now their attitude is slowly changing. British nutritionists called potatoes one most useful dietary product, that completely does not affect our shape. It is only important to have a look at the size of its portion.

Convert minuses to pluses

American Dietetic Association conducted a study which showed that people who regularly eat potatoes get a lot more potassium and vitamin C, than those who don’t eat this vegetable. According to nutritionists, potatoes are easily digestible food, its fiber does not irritate the stomach and intestines, so you can eat them even if you have some gastrointestinal diseases.

Due to the large amount of potassium (568 mg / 100 g) potatoes are beneficial for patients with hypertension and other cardiovascular as well as renal diseases. Patients with cardiovascular diseases are even able to start a diet based on potatoes.

If you suffer from hypertension, you can try having a potato diet one day per week. During this day you should eat only 2 kilograms of potatoes without any salt. You can also drink water or tea without sugar and milk.

Perhaps the only downside of potatoes is a relatively high carbohydrate content (more than 40 g / 100 g). However, this drawback does not seem so strong anymore as the researchers found that potato starch lowers bad cholesterol.



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