Pregnancy and changes in your body

Pregnancy and changes in your body

Your body will go through many changes in three quarters. Here are some of the things that every pregnant woman should know.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness does not occur only in the morning. Many cases of disease occur in the afternoon or evening, as well. Morning sickness makes it difficult for women to take their meals. Many women find it difficult to eat regular meals. The solution is to have smaller but more frequent meals. They crackers before getting up in the morning so that you do not feel uncomfortable or dizzy. Usually, a pregnant woman does not know that morning sickness is an indicator of pregnancy hormones working properly. However, consult your doctor if morning sickness is too severe.

Tender breasts

Swollen and tender breasts are common for a pregnant woman. Many women complain of discomfort and pain. A good bra can largely solve this problem. Keep the change bra sizes until you find one that suits you. The size of the bra is also in this period.

Mood Swings

Many women find their mood swings between happiness and sadness. Mild mood swings are common during pregnancy. This is another sign of the hormones at work. However, consult a doctor if you are constantly depressed.



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