Pregnancy diet

Pregnancy diet

You must have heard those stories of pregnancy when future mother gains 30 kilos or even more. How should a pregnant woman eat to keep healthy looks and avoid overweight that may even dangerous for her baby?

If you want to stay healthy and give a birth to a healthy child, you should start eating according to special plan during your pregnancy period. Pregnant woman should eat fresh, tasty and healthy food and have 3-5 main courses a day as she should be accustomed. Nutritionists recommend avoiding large portions – it is better to stay hungrier than overeat.

Pregnancy includes a short list of banned products. One of them is the- alcohol. In addition, eating raw meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, cheese made from unpasteurized milk is also not recommended. This list also includes junk food, which has numerous calories and can hardly substitute a healthy portion of the food. Before ordering a burger or French fries, carefully read basic ingredients and soon you will lose your appetite … When trying to find a snack, choose banana, apple or a carrot.

It’s wrong to believe that pregnant woman doesn’t need any fat. However, we receive the energy not only from protein or carbohydrates but from fat as well. Diet including no fat disrupts metabolism because we need them for hormone production, metabolism processes and vitamin that are fat-soluble absorption.

Pregnant woman who eats correctly should receive 20 percent of her calories from protein, 30-35 percent from fat, and the remaining 45-50 percent from carbohydrates. In order to get the required amount of fat, she should also include oily fish, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, organic unrefined vegetable oils (1 table spoon per day).


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