Products that can help you get rid of acne

Products that can help you get rid of acne

People who suffer from acne are usually really worried about how their skin looks. If you are one of them, do not rush to look for special creams or medications. Sometimes just some changes in your diet can give unbelievable results.

A recent research has confirmed that you skin condition can improve greatly if you include more fish into your diet. A similar effect is also given by products that have high quantities of vitamins A and D, and zinc.

Also you have to know what products to avoid when you have acne. Usually nutritionists recommend avoiding dairy products, products that contain flour and sugar. These products usually exacerbate inflammatory skin conditions and increase glands on your face.

The best sources of vitamin A are carrots, parsley, tomatoes, spinach and bell pepper. Vitamin D can be found in fish and liver. The best sources of zinc are fish, seafood, oysters, oats, wheat germ, peas, lentils and nuts.


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