Products that shorten our lives

Products that shorten our lives

Here is a list of terrible products that can shorten your life! Irresponsible consumption of these products especially is you do it in large quantities can cause some dangerous diseases and may even become fatal. Remember that you have to think what you are eating every day and try to use only healthy and nutritious products.

1. Lollipops. They are full of food colorings, chemicals and sweeteners which are all harmful for your body.

2. Potato chips. Everybody is talking about this monster, but especially our children are still noticed with a package of them coming home from school. Potato chips are the enemy not only for children but for adults too. They do not contain any natural products. Potato chips are basically a set of flavor enhancers.

3. Soft drinks. These carbonated drinks not only cause cellulite but they also make us feel thirsty! They contain so many sweeteners that straight when you drink one glass of it you want to get another one. Stop drinking these poisons and replace them with water, green tea and fresh juice,

4. Chocolate bars. They look so delicious and innocent, right? Unfortunately, they are full of generically modified products, food colorings and of course calories.

5. Mayonnaise. This a real bomb of calories. It also has lots of flavor enhancers. Remember that many sauses, such as mayonnaise and tomato also contains genetically modified products.

6. Fast food. No matter how tasty hamburgers, French fries and other this type of food looks like, you should never eat it.

7. Alcohol. That’s another bomb of calories even though many of use could never think that drinks can contribute so much to our waistline.

Start thinking about what you are eating and watch your children. Time to start eating salads, fruits and drink fresh juice?


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