Products that you shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach

Products that you shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach

There are some products that we should not eat on an empty stomach. Otherwise, they lose some useful properties or even cause allergy. They can also become a cause of some diseases. Here is a list that will be useful for anyone.

Coffee. Many of us cannot imagine a morning without a cup of coffee. However, you should not drink it before eating first. Coffee irritates your stomach lining and you can even develop gastritis with time. Eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and then have your coffee.

Sweets. Eating sweets on an empty stomach can affect your pancreas and it will not manage to produce required amount of insulin. Eating sweets in the morning is not recommended either as it can increase your sugar level in the blood. Enjoy your bar of chocolate as a desert after you eat.

Yogurt. Yogurt loses some useful properties in an empty stomach so the best time to eat it is in the evening, one hour after your meal.

Pears. Pears contain lots of “rough” fiber which can be bad on your delicate stomach lining. Hard pears are especially bad to eat on an empty stomach.

Bread and pastries with yeast. If you want to avoid accumulation of gas in your intestines, never eat products with yeast on an empty stomach.

Citrus fruits. Some people replace their breakfast with a glass of fresh juice. However, your should be careful with citrus fruits as the gave negative effect on your stomach lining. Drink citrus fruits juice after your meal.

Garlic. Just like citrus fruits, garlic can irritate your stomach lining. Besides it can cause even stronger bad breath.


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